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Jojobaby – Muse EP

Jojobaby – Muse EP
Jojobaby – Muse EP

Jojobaby – Muse EP Download

Jojobaby, an amazing and highly skilled music composer, has graced us with a mesmerizing extended playlist titled “Muse EP.” With a diverse range of tracks that showcase his unique musical style and artistic versatility, Jojobaby takes listeners on an enchanting journey filled with captivating melodies, infectious rhythms, and memorable collaborations.

The EP kicks off with “Casanova,” an alluring track that sets the tone for the rest of the musical adventure. Jojobaby effortlessly combines elements of contemporary Afrobeat and vibrant pop sounds, creating a catchy and dance-worthy anthem. The infectious energy and playful lyrics make it an instant favorite among fans, setting the stage for what’s to come.

One of the standout moments on the “Muse EP” comes in the form of “Jara,” a collaboration featuring the talented artists Terri and Cee Boi. This track seamlessly blends their unique styles, creating a fusion of Afrobeat and contemporary pop sounds. The synergy among the artists is palpable, and their combined talents shine through in the infectious melodies and captivating verses.

The EP also features noteworthy collaborations, such as the remix of “Tangerine” featuring Jaywillz and Krizbeatz. This track takes on a new life with the addition of their unique contributions, resulting in a refreshing and dynamic rendition. Similarly, the remix of “Downtown” featuring Lasmid brings a fresh perspective to the original, creating a captivating fusion of sounds and styles.

See Tracklist below, Download Jojobaby – Muse EP and Enjoy!
  1. Casanova
  2. Bum Bum
  3. Jara (feat. Terri & Cee Boi)
  4. Macaroni
  5. Far Away
  6. Tangerine (Remix) (feat. Jaywillz & Krizbeatz)
  7. Shalaye
  8. Downtown (Remix) (feat. Lasmid)

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