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Muje Spark – Life Line EP

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Muje Spark – Life Line EP

Muje Spark – Life Line EP Download (Zip)

Nigeria’s rap scene has always been known for its incredible talents, and one artist who is making waves with his exceptional skills is Muje Spark. This highly skilled rapper and songwriter has recently dropped a captivating extended playlist (EP) titled “Life Line.” Packed with powerful tracks, thought-provoking lyrics, and an impressive lineup of featured artists, Muje Spark’s “Life Line EP” is a testament to his artistry and versatility.

The EP kicks off with “On God,” an introspective track that sets the tone for the entire project. Muje Spark’s lyrical prowess shines through as he delivers poignant verses that delve into personal struggles, dreams, and the determination to overcome obstacles. With its melodic hooks and hard-hitting beats, “On God” showcases Muje Spark’s ability to seamlessly blend insightful storytelling with infectious melodies.

Throughout the EP, Muje Spark explores different sonic landscapes and subject matters. Tracks like “Waje” exhibit his ability to craft catchy hooks and melodic flows, while “Lebu” featuring Twest and Ranky showcases his collaborative prowess, as the artists effortlessly bounce off each other’s energy. The EP concludes with “Words,” a reflective and introspective track that leaves a lasting impression.

Check tracklist, Download Muje Spark – Life Line EP & Enjoy!

  1. On God
  2. Dont Give Up (feat. Gasky & Ace Ice)
  3. Life Line (feat. Dee Wayne)
  4. Dead Body No Dey Cry (feat. Corizo)
  5. Waje
  6. Lebu (feat. Twest & Ranky)
  7. Words

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